Can I use Perfect Coffee Water with any coffee brewing system? 

Yes! You can use your Perfect Coffee Water and enjoy the flavorful benefits with any coffee brewing system! 

Is drinking the mineral water by itself safe?

Yes! Your body will thank you for the extra mineral boost in your water. Just like grabbing a bottle of mineral water at the store.

I do not have a gallon container. Can I add a partial packet of the minerals to a water kettle or any water vessel less than a gallon?

No. The ratios of the minerals are precise and will impact the water chemistry greatly. By simply, adding a partial packet to a smaller amount of water, you may not get the optimum results.

I noticed the box states filtered water as an option. How do I know if I should add it to normal filtered tap water or if I need to get distilled water or reverse osmosis water? 

Adding the mineral packets to water that has been filtered will have a varying effect depending on the region of residence. Different geographical regions have a wide variety of mineral content existing in the water. When you use a normal home carbon-type filter much of the existing mineral content in the region's water will pass through the filter and stay in the water. This is great for our health, but not always for the flavor of the brewed coffee.

Example: If you reside in the Seattle or Portland communities, the filtered tap water may have a mineral content around 20-30 parts per million, this is considered low in reference to how many milligrams of mineral mass may be found in a liter of water (mg/L). We have many customers that add their Perfect Coffee Water mineral packets to their filtered tap water with great results in these regions! 

Example: If you live in Southern California the tap water that is simply filtered through a normal carbon-type home filter will have a higher mineral content. This could be anywhere between 100 - 300+ parts per million in fact! This would be a region you DO NOT want to add a Perfect Coffee Water mineral packet to your normal filter water because there is too much mineral content existing in the water. In a region such as Southern California we would advise starting with only distilled water or reverse osmosis water when adding Perfect Coffee Water mineral packets to water for brewing.

We are currently in the process of developing a more interactive way to determine what type of water you may have in your region. Need help? We are happy to advise you if using filtered water in your home is a good option to add your Perfect Coffee Water packets to or if you should be using distilled or or reverse osmosis water. Please send us a message: brew@perfectcoffeewater.com. Please allow us 24-hours to reply!

I have a water softener system for home filtration. Can I add the mineral packets to the water that comes out of this system in my home?

No, water softener systems alter the water chemistry in a way that is not ideal for brewing coffee. It will have a negative effect by dampening the coffee's expression of tasty flavors leaving it lack-luster and plain, even if you add a packet of Perfect Coffee Water minerals to it. Water softeners are nice for drinking and great for your shower water but not good for brewing coffee.