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The Chemist

"While not often considered by even coffeephiles like myself, water composition is critical for obtaining the best cup of coffee possible. As a professional chemist, I can attest to the level of detail Perfect Coffee Water put into generating the optimal mineral content to add to water for brewing coffee. the end result is, well, a perfect cup of coffee--one with consistenlty good body, mouthfeel, and flavor."

Michael Cohen, Ph.D. Biochemisty

The Barista

"When I started using Perfect Coffee Water that clarity really started to shine. The coffees were much more transparent and nuanced on a consistent basis. I appreciate your amazing product, I’m stoked to be brewing delicious cups on the daily thanks to y’all."

Andrew McMullen, Barista Trainer & Manager

The Graduate Student

"I highly recommend this product! I’m not a coffee expert, but I do consume an excessive amount of it at home. The perfect coffee water mineral packets made my home brewed coffee taste less bitter and juicier."

Ryan Yousefian