Why Water?

Water is crucial for the best cup of coffee. Perfect Coffee Water exists to connect people with water that's optimal for brewing coffee. We delight in educating and enabling people to have a wonderful experience brewing coffee. Along with good water being foundational for the best cup of coffee, good water is foundational for all great things in life! That's why we look beyond the best water for your coffee and invest in clean water infrastructure for coffee communities globally! We invest in farming communities that bring us the coffee we love! Without them, that delicious cup of coffee you enjoy would not exist!

To learn more and understand why investing in clean water is necessary for our future, head over to one of the non-profits we support to learn more: Why Water

Our First Project

We are excited to announce we have funded our first project and it's in El Salvador, one of our favorite coffee growing areas. We are working with the highly transparent non-profit Living Water who will be doing the work. They run their own projects but they also do in-country work for Charity: Water because they have built such a sustainable model for improving clean water infrastructure. As work gets underway we are excited to share more with you!

If you have any questions around why it's so important to invest in the future of water, feel free to reach out!