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Introducing the Limited edition PROCESS X PERFECT COFFEE WATER collab cassette!!! 

Pick up this and let's crank the coffee to 11 together 🤙

Each cassette includes: x5 1-Gallon packets - Optimizes 5 Gallons of Water toal 

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  • ADD.

    Add 1 packet into 1 gallon or 4 liters of distilled (best results), reverse osmosis, or filtered water.

  • SHAKE.

    Shake your water to fully dissolve the minerals.

  • BREW.

    Fill your coffee brewing apparatus with Perfect Coffee Water. Brew a delicious cup of coffee!


What about Espresso?

We always promote looking into your espresso machine manufacturers recommendation on water for their machine, and always follow their cleaning protocol. Perfect Coffee Water is considered slightly more “hard” then some espresso machine manufacturer recommendations because we’ve always put our first focus on the taste improvement the remineralization provides in the brewing process. If you’re looking for a way to reduce the scale build up in your machine, you can simply dilute 1 packet of Perfect Coffee Water into a larger volume of water (i.g. 2 gallons of distilled water). For a more extensive dilution chart, feel free to email us and we’ll get that over to you!

Can I drink it?

Yes! Your body will thank you for the extra mineral boost in your water. Just like grabbing a bottle of mineral water at the store, the pH in this blend is balanced to make it safe for normal consumption.

Can I use a partial Packet in a smaller container?

As convenient as it seems, this is NO. The ratios of the minerals are precise and will impact the water chemistry greatly. By simply,adding a partial packet to a smaller amount of water, you may not get the optimum results.

Can I use PCW with water from my water softener system?

Unfortunately not, water softener systems alter the water chemistry in a way that is not ideal for brewing coffee, it will have a negative effect by dampening the coffee's expression of fun flavors leaving it lack-luster and plain, even if you add a packet of Perfect Coffee Water minerals to the water first. Water softeners are nice for drinking and great for your shower or appliance water but not good for brewing coffee.

Can I use it with my home filtered water?

Usually not, in most water there is a variety of pre-existing things in the water beyond the H20 molecules. Though a good home filter will remove the things you do not want to consume, that filter will not remove everything unless it is a Reverse Osmosis system. Because of this, if you add a Perfect Coffee Water packet to most home filtered water there will be mineral content other than our packet that will interact with the coffee as you brew, throwing off that fine balance.  In some few parts of the world, the water is so empty of other ions and materials that you can actually add Perfect Coffee Water mineral packets straight into home filtered water, but this is unlikely. Feel free to reach out and we will check if you’re in a geographical region that may allow you add your PCW packet straight into your home filtered water!